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  • Product name: Razor Mesh
  • Product number: 02.01.01
  • Time: 2017-09-01
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Razor Mesh is welded by straight razor barbed wire, forming a diamond shape, or rectangular shape throughout the fence. Razor Mesh fence is a high quality product offering sufficient security for any property. Some of them was paint PVC powder. It looks nice, and it is not easy to rusty.

Material: Hot deep galvanized razor wire, Stainless steel razor barbed wire Any space needing additional security from a mesh type product, such as water reservoirs, military bases, electrical sub stations, factories, warehouses & construction sites. Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security mesh fence designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance of the property


  • Good quality vs. price relevant to other security fencing products.
  • Moderately Long Lifetime.
  • Anti-cut properties from standard cutting tools.
  • Almost impossible to climb.
  • Neat appearance.
  • No secondary uses - no use in stealing.